Flavia Ancillary Equipment

Besides the main twin screw extruder, a complete compounding system is working with a variety of ancillary equipments, such as materials handling system, gravimetric/volumetric feeding system, pre-mixing system, screen changing filtering system, and different pelletizing system.

Product Range of Flavia Ancillary Equipment

Conveying  Pre-mixing Feeding Filtering Pelletizing
Screw conveyor High speed mixer Volumetric feeder Plate Screen Changer Water Strand Pelletizing
Vacuum Conveyor Ribbon lender Gravimetric feeder Cylinder screen changer Water Ring Pelletizing 
Crain lifting Color Mixer Forcing feeder Non-screen filter Eccentric Die Pelletizing
FSHJ-65 Double Cone Mixer Side feeder Manual filter Underwater Pelletizing

Features of Ancillary Equipment

Materials Quality Ensured
Materials Quality Ensured
Flavia only use the reliable and strong metal and industrial materials to build up the equipment.
International Brand
International Brand
Flavia adopts the international brand for the electrical controlling system as company standard.
Strict Insepection
Strict Insepection
Flavia effects all-over before-in-after inspection during production and before delivery.

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