About Flavia Twin Screw Compounding System

Parallel Co-rotating twin-screw extruder is widely used in filling, blending, modification and reinforcement of rubber and plastic and engineering resin, and devolatilization treatment of chlorinated polypropylene and super absorbent resin; Extrusion of degradable masterbatch, polyamide polycondensation and polyurethane addition polymerization; Granulation of carbon powder and magnetic powder, preparation of insulating material, sheath material, low smoke and low halogen flame retardant PVC cable material and various silane crosslinking materials for cables, etc.

Product Range of Flavia Twin Screw Extruder

Model  Screw Diameter Screw Length Motor Power Max.Screw Speed Reference Output
FSHJ-20 21.7 mm 28~52 L/D 4~5.5kW 600~800 rpm 5~20 kg/h
FSHJ-35 35.6 mm 28~52 L/D 22~45kW 600~800 rpm 50~150 kg/h
FSHJ-50 50.5 mm 28~52 L/D 75~110kW 600~800 rpm 150~400 kg/h
FSHJ-65 62.4 mm 28~52 L/D 110~200kW 600~800 rpm 400~800 kg/h
FSHJ-75 71 mm 28~52 L/D 160~355kW 600~800 rpm 500~1000 kg/h
FSHJ-95 92 mm 28~52 L/D 280~650kW 600~800 rpm 1200~2000kg/h
FSHJ-135 132 mm 13~36 L/D 280~450kW 200~300 rpm 1500~3000 kg/h

Features of Flavia Extruder

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Materials Quality Ensured
Materials Quality Ensured
Flavia only use the reliable and strong metal and industrial materials to build up the equipment.
International Brand
International Brand
Flavia adopts the international brand for the electrical controlling system as company standard.
Strict Insepection
Strict Insepection
Flavia effects all-over before-in-after inspection during production and before delivery.

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