About Flavia Lab Use  Extruder

The Flavia lab use extruder is built on the segmented block design. The modular principle of the barrel permits precise sequencing for each application. Each barrel section’s temperature can be set separately. Electrical heater shells provide for heating, cooling is obtained with water. Barrels, as well as screw and kneading elements are made out of nitride steel in the standard version; the wear resistant version is made of suitable materials, corresponding to the respective requirements. To make the research and maintenance more convenient, the barrel of the extruder could be opened within a few minutes.

Product Range of Flavia Lab Use Extruder

Model  Screw Diameter Screw Length Motor Power Max.Screw Speed Reference Output
FSHJ-20 21.7 mm 28~52 L/D 4~5.5kW 600~800 rpm 5~20 kg/h
FSHJ-35 35.6 mm 28~52 L/D 22~45kW 600~800 rpm 50~150 kg/h

Features of Flavia Extruder

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Openable Barrel
Openable Barrel
For the conveniency of research, Flavia extruder has the clam shell barrel design.
Compact Design
Compact Design
Flavia has designed all the cooling, heating, controlling and pelletizing on desk.
Easy Mobility
Easy Mobility
The lab use extruder has small footprint and could be moved easily without difficulty.

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